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My dispute with DentaWhite began in June when I ordered a "sample" of their product. I received a plain white box of their product in the mail, no printing or identifying markings so I assumed it was the sample I had ordered. Then when my credit card bill arrived there was a charge for $78.37 for a months supply of DentaWhite. I called on 6/29/09. explained that I had only ordered a sample and thus assumed that what I received was that sample. I was told that in ordering the sample I had not unchecked the auto delivery form so I was sent the product. I told the person I felt this was a very deceptive practice and she told me the best she could do was reduce the cost to $40.00. Since I had apparently failed to uncheck the auto ship when I ordered the sample I agreed and was told that I had been removed from the auto ship list.

Then on 8/10/09 I received a package in the mail which had nothing that would identify it as DentaWhite unless one recognized the address. After opening the package I checked the charges on my card and found they had hit me for another $40.00. I called the company and spoke to what sounded like a young lady. I told her that I had canceled any further orders and she checked and said "that strange" I see where you called on June 29th and canceled but since you accepted a refund you were told you would have to call back by July something to cancel any further shipments. I told her I had been told no such thing and we went on about thing they said I was told and agreed to. After more questioning I was told that whoever I had spoken to originally had been fired. So, I ask to speak to the supervisor and finally got a man named John who repeated the same claims.

I finally told him I had not ordered the product or agreed to accept more orders and I would not pay the charges for the product.

I then boxed the product up and returned it to the company as per enclosed proof of delivery.

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Denta White is not the same company as any of the others mentioned here. If you have an issue with Denta White the best thing to do is contact their customer support directly.

If you would like to talk to someone about it their number is 866-982-5126 and their hours are 6:00 am to 4:00 pm pst, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm est. If you are having a problem with the product or your order you should call customer service first to see if you can get the issue resolved.

If you don’t want to call in you can go to their website,, and input your information and click submit. From here you can cancel your account or check the status of your cancellation. You can cancel at any time. If you want to return a product, call customer service for information.


Denta White is a completely different company than any of the others mentioned here. If you have a concern with Denta White the best thing to do is contact their customer support team.

If you would like to talk to someone about it their number is 866-982-5126 and their hours are 6:00 am to 4:00 pm pst, 9:00 am to 7:00 pm est. If you are having a problem with the product or your order you should call customer service first to see if you can get the issue resolved.

If you don’t want to call in you can go to their website,, and input your information and click submit. From here you can cancel your account or check the status of your cancellation. You can cancel at any time. If you want to return a product, call customer service for information.


I hate these people, they are dirty, and they have to use scams to get you to buy because they know that their free trial samples won't work anyway.I was scammed by DentaWhite and Cleanwhites, and cancelled them today.

I am waiting to see if they actually will cancel or keep charging me like they have done you all. Something needs to be done, this is not right.

They have probably made millions of dollars, and nobody has the time, money, or patience to actually sue these companies.Sucks!!


I saw this advertisement for whiter teeth and saw that DentaWhite AND SmileWhite used together would make your teeth whiter..I filled out the info for a trial sample .99 cents and 1.99 to be charged to my VISA.I received several boxes and contacted the company and told them to cancel the automatic mailing if I wanted more I would contact them and also, I had not opened either package that I had received.

Then 2 days later I received my CC stmt...I had a charges of 92.37, 79.95, 92.37 and 79.95..I WAS SHOCKED How could a trial offer charge these enormous prices and do so on a contineous basis. I contacted the company and was told the trial was for 10 days then you were put on an automatic billing. I looked at copies of the printouts from where I placed my order and there is NOTHING stating that. I spoke to Ganma and she told me you had 10 days for the trial then you went to an automatic supply.

I told her I wanted to return the items since they had not been opened and she said is non returnable and non refundable. She said you bought the product and that is that.

I told her I was contacting my CC company about the charges and that I was filing a complaint with the BBB.This is a total RIP OFF to the consumer and I hope that something can be done to SHUT THEM DOWN!!!




I also was sucked into this scam.I have discovered that they charged my credit card under the name Nutrient out of San Clemente CA Phone number 877-550-1719.

After I found out what was going on I tried to go their web site that was provided to cancel and was unable to connect to the site--I'm sure that was also part of the scam.Call your credit card and have the charges disbuted.


I too was an *** and fell for this ***. If only I had did a little research than I would have seen all of these complaints....Well I signed up for the "free trials" of Dentawhite and Dazzlebright with my debit card....I was checking my online banking statement which I do frequently and saw a charge for $92.37 from "GREAT HEALTH 7" I had no idea what this was---I love how they change their names and addresses so that they are different and harder to track down. However I have noticed that if you call the numbers for all of these businesses, the same automated voice greets you talking about "unusual product demand" hahaha please! All of these companies are affiliated in this huge scam.....

Anyway I looked up "Great Health" and couldnt find anything, then I stumbled upon something like this blog and realized what I had gotten myself into. I freaked. I Immediately cancelled the subscription online and requested a refund. I then called my bank and cancelled my debit card---before dazzlewhite could issue me any charges. Thank God. Finally Dentawhite emailed me the #RMA and I sent it out asap. I called them every single day since then. Each time I got a different response as to when I would recieve my refund. Some of the people were actually nice, for instance one guy said call back and ask for me if you do not recieve the refund within 2 days. Since I did not recieve the refund I did. The guy I got in contact with told me that he saw that I talked with Greg and that...

Anyway the last time I called them and asked about my return a different guy was very friendly and told me that they were processing my return right at the moment we were speaking. I had my doubts, but was amazed to see that I was issued a return on my bank statement!! I was relieved, but what a hassle, I certainly learned my lesson....

here is what I suggest for those of you trying to get your money back:

1. immediately cancel the subscription online & request a refund (this means sending back that cheap little sample box)

2. Call your bank asap and cancel your debit card--if you paid with it, there is no need to cancel your whole account, because all the company has is your card number, not your routing or account number.

3. Call them! If they lie to you about previous conversations you have had--tell them that you audio recorded the conversations and threaten them that you are ready to send them in to the bank or the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

4. If they claim that you opened the box, threaten them and tell them that you took pictures of it when you sent it out and that you are ready to file a complaint and send in the pictures (do this even if you didnt take pictures and even if you did open the box!)

6. If you really want your money back call them everyday! Be a pest, do not be rude, but inquiry about your return everyday. It may take them a while, but dont give up--which is what most people do. Make them be the ones to give in.

Sorry for the length of this but it shows all of the hoops I have had to jump through....bottom line is be smart about what you are doing online. But just because we are fools for fell for this trick does not mean that it is okay for this company to be doing this to people...they need to be stopped.

Here is the phone number I called:


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They got me for $92.37, advertising a $1.00 free trial. Once I got charged, I got their number from my bank's transaction history and called them for a refund and they told me some bs about not reading the fine print or something. A bunch of low-life punks...


I, too got scammed for $92.37. However, I did a little research on the BBB sites in Utah and found they had a judgment against them for deceptive sales practice. They are mailing the product out of Utah, but have a business address in Delaware. I wrote a letter on Oct. 31, 2009 telling them that I wanted my $92.37 back. I told them that I had seen the numerous complaints on the internet and the Better Business Bureau and the judement against them in Utah. I noted to them that I would be sending a copy of this letter to the BBB and the Attorney Generals of Delaware and Utah. Today, I got an e-mail from them notifying me that a refund was in process. Their address in Delaware is:

Q13 Wie Natural Products, LLC

32 W. Lockerman St., Suite 201

Dover, DE 19904


I was scammed by Denta White too.Recieved two shipments that I did not request.

When I called them to get address to return product they refused to give it to me and told me that I would not get a refund so I might as well keep the product. I contacted my credit card company and the BBB.

DentaWhite could care less though - obviously this was set up from the beginning as a scam.I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING VIA THE COMPUTER AGAIN.


There was not a check box on the order form.I looked over each page thoroughly before ordering.

I did not know where the charge was coming from until I called.

I notified my credit card company who will withhold payment and fine them.Notify your credit card company, return what you have received by certified mail and enjoy the rest of today.


I had the same problem with dentawhite the charged my credit card $92.37. I could not call them so I called my credit card company told them this is a internet scam, then my credit card company looked into it and reverted the charge. I think you should do the same.

Good Luck !!!


I also ordered this product without really meaning to.I only intended to order two free trial offers of Dazzle Smile and SmileBrite, which I received, then the scam artists from DentaWhite called me (probably bought my info from the other 2 companies).

The person who called said something almost inaudibly about sending me free whitening trays with whitening gel. She also mentioned something about a membership and a charge that I wasn't very clear on. I thought it was one of the other companies that I had ordered trial offers from, so I agreed to the whitening trays (that was *** on my part!). The next thing I knew, there was a charge of $92.37 on my bank account.

I just called today to cancel the order and get a refund. The person I spoke to said that it may take up to 3 weeks for a full refund; however, if I would like to receive a half refund, then she could process that immediately. This makes me a little leery as well. She sent me the return info via e-mail, so I have to send back the product (luckily I haven't opened it yet!) to get a complete refund.

More to follow on this.

I definitely learned my lesson about signing up for internet trial offers and agreeing to free offers over the phone!Be wary of anything that is advertised as "free"!


I just ordered this, I dont know how to stop this order, anybody have any idea yet how ? Sounds like a class action lawsuit to me. Who's in ?


I just called DentaWhite 1-888-681-4353, they also scammed me for $92.37.I got my trial piece of *** denta white in the mail and tried to cancel it 3 days later.

They had already billed my credit card a full month and I had only got a 14 day sample.If you ever find out how to get your money back let everyone know!


Same Jennifer. I was wondering, did you ever figure out how to get a hold of them. I want this thing cancelled and can't even find a @*!* phone number to call or anything.


I totally agree about denta white.They are the bottom feeders of internet scamming.

I got my 'trial' and now have 2 charges on my credit card under 2 different names. But when I called it turns out they are for denta white. The first is for the trial that I did not cancel and the second is for product I have not even received yet.

They will not give me a refund for the second charge.Whoever owns this company needs to have a cell right next to ole Bernie.

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